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John T. Cannon

Most people who know me will tell you I'm very straightforward. I don't like the term ‘politician’ nor do I want to be considered a ‘dignitary’. I represent the citizens of this county plain and simple; and I do so with a strong commitment to consistent, reliable service. My strong suit is that I enjoy working with people and I work hard to address their needs and concerns.

I don't think you can be an effective representative if you don't appreciate what it means to share experiences with others and commit yourself to finding solutions to the issues at hand. I've always been conservative by nature, and consider that my compass when assessing what I feel is in the best interest of  every citizen in Wicomico County.

Three things I would suggest you consider when it comes time to make that critically important decision in the ballot box:

1st - Make sure the person you select appreciates and understands your concerns and interests. That should be your first priority.

 2nd - Imagine you have an issue you’d like to discuss with your prospective  representative. When you go to their office and sit across the table from them, you want to feel certain this individual is the one with whom you will feel 100% comfortable. Do you find them approachable? Do you find them to be trustworthy, sincere and honest? Consider these issues before you make that decision. Know who you're voting for and know what it is you're getting when you make that decision.

 3rd - The final issue, which is as equally important as the first two. Make sure you have 100% confidence that the individual you elect will work hard and be able to deliver on their commitment to you. You must have an individual who not only shares your concerns; but demonstrates the wherewithal to convince others to believe in your cause.

           These are what I consider the key ingredients to choosing the right representative; and I’d hope you would consider me the one representative best positioned to effectively represent you.

I have the hands-on professional experience, institutional knowledge and positive working relationships with industry, educational, government and community leaders on the local and state levels.  I’m very pragmatic with the temperament to encourage collaboration and the fortitude to make the critical decisions necessary to address your concerns, as well as those of all our citizens in Wicomico County.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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